Immerse yourself in an exciting 7-day odyssey designed for adventure lovers, nature enthusiasts, and outdoor enthusiasts. During this unique program, you will have the opportunity to explore the most stunning landscapes of Chilean Patagonia through a captivating mix of handcrafted trails and breathtaking crossings.


    +   Available from: January and February
    +   Level: Intermediate+ to Expert
    +   Trail Type: Singletrack
    +   Guided tour
    +   Includes bike (Ebike Turbo Levo SL, Specialized)
    +   5 to 6 hours of daily cycling
    +   Includes accommodation and all meals


    7 DAYS / 6 NIGHTS

    $3,000 USD

    11 DAYS / 10 NIGHTS

    $7,000 USD



    + Stunning Landscapes: Chilean Patagonia is known for its breathtaking natural landscapes, and during this program, you will have the opportunity to explore lenga forests, valleys, lakes, and rivers that will surprise you at every stage of the adventure.


    + Handcrafted Trails: Some sections of the route will take you through carefully designed trails that allow you to delve into the beauty of nature and enjoy panoramic views of the surroundings.


    + Challenging Crossings: Through remote and unknown landscapes, you’ll experience an exciting and unique adventure where you’ll have the opportunity to observe the rich flora and fauna of Chilean Patagonia.


    + Guided Experience: A team of experienced guides will accompany you throughout the program, ensuring your safety and sharing knowledge about the region, its history, and the wildlife you’ll encounter along the way.


    JANUARY 2024

    + January 4 to January 11, 2024


    + January 18 to January 25, 2024

    FEBRUARY 2024

    + February 1 to February 8, 2024


    + February 15 to February 22, 2024


    + If you would like to experience this adventure with a group of friends or family privately or on a different date, contact us, and we can create a tour just for you.


      +   Private transportation from Balmaceda Airport to the lodge
      +   Professional guiding
      +   Ebike Turbo Levo SL, Specialized
      +   Breakfast, snacks, and dinners
      +   Non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages (Pisco, wine, beer)
       Patagonian barbecue (lamb or beef, for groups of 6 or more)


        +   Airfare
        +   Helmet/protections
        +   Water bottle


        BASED ON 11 DAYS / 10 NIGHTS

        The timings are approximate and subject to change based on weather conditions and other factors.

        DAY 1

        Welcome to Patagonia!


        Our exciting tour begins with your arrival at Balmaceda Airport, where our guides will greet you with a smile and private transportation ready to take us on an unforgettable experience.


        Once we arrive at the lodge, we will gather for a delicious meal that will mark the start of our 11-day adventure. Gathered around a table, our guides will share information about the world’s most unique trails that we will explore together.


        In this welcoming atmosphere, our guides will provide detailed information about the itinerary, the challenges we will face, and the natural wonders that await us at each stage of the journey. It will be the perfect time to get to know each other and establish a special connection with the group that will.


        Afterward, you will have free time to explore the surroundings of the lodge, assemble your bicycle if you are traveling with your own, enjoy the tranquility of the environment, or simply relax and mentally prepare for the adventures that await us.

        DAY 2

        ¡Get ready for a day full of excitement, challenges, and pure fun on your bike!


        After a delicious breakfast, our first day of adventure begins just 20 minutes from Patagonia Bikers Lodge. The geography of this incredible place is constantly changing, from valleys to meadows covered in coirón grass, pine and lenga forests, and all of this will be explored by bike along a specially designed trail to provide you with an unmatched experience.


        The exciting 16 km loop consists of two descents, Fat Albert and Adams Parachute, both full of fun and an unmatched flow. You will feel in harmony with nature as you descend at high speed on these adrenaline-filled trails.


        But that’s not all, you will also have two challenging climbs along the route. Catch And Release and Caddis will test you, but they will be rewarded with several additional rounds on the descent of Fat Albert, a favorite among our passionate clients.


        In total, you will pedal about 25 to 30 km on this day, preparing yourself for the exciting days ahead.


        At the end, the vans will be waiting to take us back to the lodge, where a well-deserved relaxation awaits us in the hot tub, along with delicious snacks, ice-cold beers, and to end the day, an exquisite meal.


        Trail type: Singletrack

        Loop Distance: 17 km loop

        DAY 3

        An epic day of singletrack enduro in Patagonia.


        08:00 – 09:30 am: We start the day with a long-awaited breakfast.


        This third day will be one of the most epic of our adventure in Patagonia. An exciting 25 to 35-kilometer journey through Cerro El Fraile, a paradise for enduro lovers.


        On this day, we will have the opportunity to enjoy long and thrilling descents among lenga forests, suitable for all levels. We will test our techniques and our passion for downhill riding as we explore more than 6 tracks to choose from.


        The day will be filled with fun and excitement, as we combine the use of shuttles in vans to access different starting points for descents, with some uphill pedaling on e-bikes to keep us active and energized.


        The highlight of this day will be the spectacular descent known as “Chicken Line.” With over 7 kilometers in length, it will challenge us and leave us with a feeling of euphoria as we enjoy its thrilling curves and jumps. And once again, you will have the opportunity to enjoy ice-cold beers waiting for you at the end of the route!


        After this exciting day, we will head back to our lodge, where we can relax and enjoy a well-deserved appetizer. It will be a perfect time to share our experiences of the day and enjoy the cozy and hospitable atmosphere of Patagonia Bikers Lodge.


        Trail type: Singletrack enduro

        Distance: 25 to 35 km

        DAY 4

        08:30 – 09:30 am: Breakfast awaits us to recharge and prepare for this adventurous day.


        Today, one of the most special days of our journey awaits us, where we will immerse ourselves in an authentic backcountry experience. We will start in the Vista Hermosa area, from where we will begin an exciting loop around valleys and mountains nestled in the heart of Patagonia.


        On this day, we will explore troperas routes and old logging roads that add a special charm to our journey. We will be surrounded by lush nature and stunning landscapes as we advance on our approximately 45-kilometer route.


        The singletrack trail will allow us to enjoy the excitement and technique required in each turn and obstacle, while the forest roads will offer us the opportunity to relax and enjoy a more leisurely pace while appreciating the surrounding scenery.


        This day is truly special as we immerse ourselves in the heart of Patagonia, exploring remote corners and experiencing the authenticity of its backcountry. Every moment will be an opportunity to connect with nature. After finishing the rides, we will be greeted to continue enjoying and take us back to the lodge!


        Trail type: single track, fire roads

        Distance: 45 km

        DAY 5

        A day where the views take center stage


        On the fifth day of our exciting journey, we have a special expedition from El Fraile to Lago Castor. With an approximate distance of 40 kilometers, this day will provide us with a combination of freeride trails, logging roads, and internal paths.

        Unlike the previous days, today we will enjoy a more relaxed journey with less adrenaline. The focus will be on pedaling, allowing us to savor the landscape at a more leisurely pace.


        As we progress, we will witness incredible views. The beauty of nature will accompany us throughout our route, creating moments of awe and connection with the surrounding environment.


        Our final destination will be the base camp at Lago Castor, where we will find a peaceful and welcoming place to rest and recharge. Here, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the serenity of the lake and admire the surrounding landscapes.


        This day, although more relaxed in terms of intensity, will offer us the chance to enjoy cycling in an impressive setting. It will be a perfect day to absorb the beauty of Patagonia while delighting in a more leisurely ride.


        Distance: 40 km Trail type: freeride, logging roads, internal paths

        Accommodation at Lago Castor base camp

        DAY 6

        Get ready for a day full of adrenaline, breathtaking landscapes, and exciting challenges at Lago Castor


        The sixth day of our journey starts after a delicious breakfast at the Lago Castor base camp, a private field where we will find a network of trails specially designed to maximize our enjoyment on our bikes.


        We will kick off the day with an exhilarating loop that will take us through mountains and lenga forests, following the border between Chile and Argentina.


        After the intense morning of pedaling, we will pause at the base camp to enjoy a well-deserved lunch. It will be a perfect moment to recharge our energy and share our experiences so far.


        The adventure will continue with three spectacular downhill tracks: Juan Malo, Piche, and Tucuquere. These tracks will delight us with thrilling descents full of fun and challenges. Additionally, in this privileged location, we will find lookout points that offer 360-degree panoramic views towards Chile and Argentina, allowing us to appreciate the grandeur of the region.


        Distance: 25-35 km (enduro)

        Trail type: single track

        Accommodation at Lago Castor base camp

        DAY 7

        The seventh day of our Patagonia adventure provides us with the opportunity to relax, recharge, and enjoy the Bike Park at Lago Castor.


        We will start the morning by exploring the trails once again. It will be a chance to enjoy the circuits, improve our skills, and indulge in cycling in a privileged environment.


        In the afternoon, we will have the opportunity to delight in a delicious barbecue prepared by local farmers. This will be a moment to laugh, relax, and enjoy the company of our fellow travelers and guides.


        After enjoying the barbecue and the time together, we will return to the Patagonia Bikers lodge. There, we can rest, relax, and prepare for the exciting days ahead.

        DAY 8

        Technical adventure in a stunning setting.


        On the eighth day of our journey, we will be transported by van from the Patagonia Bikers lodge to the Rodeo Los Palos area, where our thrilling day at Lago Misterioso will begin. We will start the route on a logging road and then venture into a tropera trail that will take us to the North River Valley and lead us to Lago Norte, where we will enjoy incredible landscapes.


        This stretch of the route is technically demanding, with XC-type trails that will test our biking skills. It will require us to employ all our abilities to overcome the challenges along the way.


        Once we have completed the Lago Norte section, a 10-kilometer stretch of road awaits us, leading us to Arroyo El Gato. There, we will find a campsite where we will be attended by Don Pedro and his family, authentic gauchos of the area and the countryside. We will indulge in a countryside meal in a cozy and authentic atmosphere, immersing ourselves in the gaucho culture and the essence of Patagonia.


        Distance: 40 km

        Trail type: single track, fire roads

        Accommodation: El Gato Campsite


        DAY 9

        A journey through time and an epic finale.


        We will start the day with a delicious breakfast prepared by Don Pedro and his wife. We will enjoy fresh cheese, homemade bread, jams, and farm eggs, all to recharge and be ready for our last day of adventure.


        We will embark on a tropera trail that will take us across the Ñirehuao River and then ascend to the beautiful Lago Largo, where we will take a break to rest and catch our breath. We will continue our journey towards the village of Mañihuales, following an old route used for cattle transportation. This place will transport us back in time, immersing us in the history and tradition of the region.


        The final stretch of our journey will be an exciting descent of approximately 6 kilometers on a gravel road. This stretch will provide us with incredible views as we descend towards the charming village of Mañihuales. It will be an epic ending to our adventure in Patagonia.


        From Mañihuales, we will be transported by van to our lodge in Coyhaique, where we can rest, relax, and reflect on the incredible moments we have experienced over the past few days. It will be a time to share our experiences and celebrate our achievements.

        DAY 10

        A glorious closure and a farewell party.


        On the last day of our adventure, we will head to “La Gloria,” one of our favorite places in Patagonia. Here, we have developed several tracks and an incredible loop that awaits us for unforgettable moments.


        Venturing into a forest of ancient lenga trees, we will encounter tracks full of flow and fun. The natural environment is a true marvel, surrounded by majestic trees and a magical atmosphere. From the highest point, we will be rewarded with a 360-degree view that encompasses the Valley of the Moon, Villa Ortega, Coyhaique, and the Simpson River. From here, two epic tracks await us: “Don Choco” and “La Casi Na.” We will also enjoy two other tracks called “Gloria Trevi,” where we can feel our flow as we ride through forests, jumps, bridges, and berms. Additionally, we will explore the “Locomovil,” a track that will take us to the old sawmill of the field, filling our hearts with history and adventure.


        This place undoubtedly offers some of the best terrain to enjoy the best grip for cycling.


        As it is our last day together, we will celebrate with an exciting farewell party at our lodge. It will be a moment to gather, share laughter, anecdotes, and reminisce about the incredible moments we have experienced throughout our journey. We will toast to the challenges overcome, the friendships made, and the stunning landscapes we have enjoyed together.


        Enjoy this final day at La Gloria, with its thrilling tracks and the festive farewell atmosphere. It will be the crowning glory of our journey, leaving us with unforgettable memories and the satisfaction of having lived an adventure filled with nature, camaraderie, and excitement.


        Let’s celebrate together the end of this great adventure in Patagonia. Cheers!


        Trail type: single track

        Distance: 25-35 km

        DAY 11

        ¡Goodbye, Chilean Patagonia!


        On the last day of our journey, we will prepare to bid farewell to Chilean Patagonia and embark on our return to Balmaceda Airport. Although it is time to say goodbye to this land full of adventures, we will carry the memories and shared experiences of these unforgettable 11 days in our hearts.


        After enjoying a delicious breakfast at our lodge, we will make sure everyone is ready and prepared for the journey back.


        During the return trip to the airport, we will have the opportunity to reflect on the incredible adventures we have experienced, the breathtaking landscapes we have explored, and the friendships we have forged on this trip. We will remember the challenges we have overcome and the moments of pure joy as we traversed the unique trails of Chilean Patagonia.


        With this, our guaranteed 11-day BTB Back Country program comes to a conclusion. It has been an honor to accompany you on this journey, and we hope you have enjoyed every moment. Thank you for being a part of this unforgettable experience!


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        Natalia Hanckes D.
        Natalia Hanckes D.
        Otro nivel la experiencia, un 10/10. El Lodge, el personal, los guías, la comida, la acogida y la buena onda. Los paseos que organizan son increíbles, con unos paisajes alucinantes! Definitivamente lo recomiendo y volvería!
        Daniel collado
        Daniel collado
        No tengo palabras para describir esta experiencia. Los profesores fueron increíbles durante todas las actividades y la organización fue perfecta. Además nos sentimos muy acogidos y acompañados en todo momento, las instalaciones y la comida fueron excelentes. Sin duda una experiencia que repetiría muchas veces más. Muchas gracias por todo ????????.
        Kent Kononoff
        Kent Kononoff
        We did the 4 day / 3 night ebike program with Patagonia Bikers in March '24. We had an awesome time. Gabo, Carmen and the whole team are awesome and it was a first class experience. The food was great (and plentiful), the packed lunches were great and the accommodations were comfortable and had everything we needed. We rode with Gabo each of the 4 days and the riding was AWESOME. Each day we rode a different trail network and we enjoyed them all. We are looking forward to going back to Patagonia to ride with Patagonia Bikers again in the future and would highly recommend them!
        Nicolas Kunstmann
        Nicolas Kunstmann
        Realmente increíble la experiencia, todas las personas del lodge son lo máximo, los guias, cocina, etc. Las bicicletas impresionantes, cada día era como subirse a una bici nueva, las rutas un espectáculo. Espero poder volver el próximo año. muchas gracias!!
        Alfredo Loehnert
        Alfredo Loehnert
        Excelentes paseos y atención
        Cristobal Merino
        Cristobal Merino
        Espectacular! Muy buenas salidas y muy bien atendidos en todo momento por todo el staff.
        Sergio Merino
        Sergio Merino
        Extraordinarios días de pedaleo muy bien atendidos por Gabito, la Carmen y su tremendo equipo de guías y staff en Patagonia Bikers. 100% recomendable.
        Gabriel Vives
        Gabriel Vives
        Excelente todo, Guías de primer nivel, todos muy buena onda y siempre disponible para cualquier duda. Atención en el lodge de primera, muy rico todo. 100% recomendable

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